~Patagonia, Argentina~ *.*~ what a view !!!!


I wanna be there someday !! 

you ???



~ A tribute to a game from my childhood~ Unreal Tournament

For all those who don’t know this game.

This Epic piece of art is a FPS, first person shooter.

It helped me pass the days, months and a couple of years alone and with friends.

For all those that would like to experience an old school FPS please go search for it.

I’ll leave you here a bit of the soundtrack =)

Best Regards



~ A tribute to Bearshare~ to all the share that goes in the internet~

For those that dont know Back BACK in the days, there was something called, Bearshare, well =P it still exists but its totally outdated in my opinion.


It was a wonderful way to listen to music you only had to press… well… ” Blue” and a list of several thousand songs with the word ” blue” would show up.

Today i found a song that popped up thanks to this system.

I would like to show it to you guys and let you make the decision if it was a good find or not =)

May you have as much fun as i did listening to this across the years.

~B Gata H Kei~ An Anime about a Girl that wants to have 100 lovers… Stay with me ^^

Just like the tittle says this anime features a girl that wants to have 100 lovers.

Gross ? Weird? Horrible?

Maybe, Maybe not.

This anime is also called in the back ground ” B-cup Sl*t”, This girl wants to be a …. you know, the thing is she cant, she’s too shy =)

That shyness ends up giving the comedy and the good part about this anime arises =)

She wont become a …. xD

She’s too much of a girly girl =) and that’s the good part, also there’s a whole deep DEEP meaning

behind her actions  the anime really shows how insecure both girls and boys are and that deserves a big Thumbs up from me =)

Character development and a good story disgusted as something that its not, yes, we have to read or see between the lines =)

Would you see this anime?

Best regards =)

~ Reading at the moment~

Honestly speaking, I was never a fan of overly Bestseller Author, but what I am is a fan of Inferno and Dante’s story.

Loving the book so far and I strongly recommend it to everyone that is looking for a good story.

Dante’s + Inferno + Dan Brown = FTW = For The Win ^^

Full review When I’m done with it.

Have you ever read anything from Dan Brown?

Did you like it?

Leave your comment below.

Please consider this is my first book from him, I know its weird but I did not read anything else from him.

Yup, Dante’s Story is that good guys ^^

Best Regards

David ^^

~Chocolate Shapes~ Would you eat or not?

We all love chocolate.

Unless you are allergic to it. and if you are my feeling for you. Sorry nature is cruel sometimes.

My point today is.

Do you like chocolate?

And if yes, does it matter the shape it has? Please consider the following examples:




Why am I showing you this?

Well…. There are very weird ones out there =)

And my discussion of shape is related to the next picture, that some might find offensive, personally

I believe its a great idea, yes, it has sexual context, but the guys who actually had the hearth to go through

with something so bold should be either shot or praised?

What do you think?



Please leave your comments below.

Please remember this is a discussion about chocolate.

Nothing more, Nothing less.

May you have a day filled with chocolate =)

David =)

~This week~ New Artists and Sounds just for you ^^

Well =P

Just like the tittle says this if for you, yes you, that are reading, right now ^^

Lets start off with something regarding zombies *.*

Afterwards, we have to calm down, so a suggestion would definitely be Irish Dancing ^^

To finish off ^^

A powerful voice ^^

Hope you enjoy all these links =)

Have a wonderful day =)