Resident Evil Revelations Is resident evil back???

For those who don’t know this game is out and about and ………….. meh….

I’ve been playing resident evil ever since the first game and im a huge fan of the saga.

This game was really a return to the roots of resident evil, playing with Jill and Chris again, its really a wonderful trip to the past.

Still there are a lot of things that got me happy and sad about this game

Good :

– the mood of the game, its a very fast game, a lot of surprises and a lot of action.

– there are a couple of times that your heart stops because you are not expecting this or that enemy and that was really missing in the last games.

– The whole action in a ship is quite awesome and the graphics in spite of not being top 5 are good.


– Navigation, until you get the hang of it you will get lost in the ship because its so huge.

– the ” bad guys ” are always the same, they could have put a lot more enemy’s.

– it just seems…. there is something missing.. but on the good side the ending does give a green light to a new game.


What do you guys think?

Best regards



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