~ Introverts~ I am ~ Are you ?~ It’s cool =P

Before all, yes, I am introvert and sometimes not.

I don’t like loud parties, I don’t like going out till late hours in the night and get drunk.

I never drank in my life. I don’t really see the fun in it =x. Sorry.

But what i am here to talk about is.

Its fun being Introvert.

You get all the fun you need  in your head.


Plus. We have to say, Introverts have a special kind of language.

The one that doesn’t need words =)

introvert (1)

Above all the reaction that i find to be more interesting and the most fascinating one is the

“You are gonna stay home tonight son/ daughter ”


So, please, dont be ashamed of what you are =)

Here is something to help introverts in a Party =P, for example ^^

Hope this helps you guys ^^

And if you are not an introvert.

Watch and understand those people that you think are weird =)

Best regards =)



One thought on “~ Introverts~ I am ~ Are you ?~ It’s cool =P

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