~Synthesia~ *.* me likey

Ok, we all love music, have to say that about mankind, we have an urge,  well,

most of us do, have a urge towards music, personally I have it towards piano music.

I dont know how to play but i always wanted to know it =)

I love piano music, its absolutly wonderful and i hope you, who are reading, like it too.

And if you dont, please give it a chance, maybe you will see a new taste in music comming towards you

right around the corner.

Synthesia gives the chance to play piano on your computer =)

Have to say its really nice ^^


I was suddenly very upset when i saw this young gentelman playing Synthesia.

People say he is a level asian player, what do you think ? ^^

Hope you like it

Please leave your comment and have a good day =)

Leave you here with another good piano song ^ ^


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