~B Gata H Kei~ An Anime about a Girl that wants to have 100 lovers… Stay with me ^^

Just like the tittle says this anime features a girl that wants to have 100 lovers.

Gross ? Weird? Horrible?

Maybe, Maybe not.

This anime is also called in the back ground ” B-cup Sl*t”, This girl wants to be a …. you know, the thing is she cant, she’s too shy =)

That shyness ends up giving the comedy and the good part about this anime arises =)

She wont become a …. xD

She’s too much of a girly girl =) and that’s the good part, also there’s a whole deep DEEP meaning

behind her actions  the anime really shows how insecure both girls and boys are and that deserves a big Thumbs up from me =)

Character development and a good story disgusted as something that its not, yes, we have to read or see between the lines =)

Would you see this anime?

Best regards =)


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