~Chocolate Shapes~ Would you eat or not?

We all love chocolate.

Unless you are allergic to it. and if you are my feeling for you. Sorry nature is cruel sometimes.

My point today is.

Do you like chocolate?

And if yes, does it matter the shape it has? Please consider the following examples:




Why am I showing you this?

Well…. There are very weird ones out there =)

And my discussion of shape is related to the next picture, that some might find offensive, personally

I believe its a great idea, yes, it has sexual context, but the guys who actually had the hearth to go through

with something so bold should be either shot or praised?

What do you think?



Please leave your comments below.

Please remember this is a discussion about chocolate.

Nothing more, Nothing less.

May you have a day filled with chocolate =)

David =)


7 thoughts on “~Chocolate Shapes~ Would you eat or not?

  1. Well my dearest and closest friend…no matter what…chocolat is chocolat and a therapy in every single way of life, so… God save the Chocolat 😀

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