~ Chronicles of a gamer~ Lineage II

Usually I don’t post a lot about myself but i guess this post has been in the making for a long time.

I would like you to meet my character in a game called Lineage II



Before all the questions, this is, was, and always will be a big part of my life and i would like you to know about it.

Don’t be haters and criticize who plays because, best option, you don’t really understand the concept of what video games are

What they mean, and why they are so important to so many people, tonight, in this post I will try, to the best of my knowledge, to give you

Insight on what all THIS is… to so many people…

What is a video game?

A video game is a way to use something that people in the old days couldn’t use that much.

Get a clue please, in the old days life was hard, people did not have time to use their imagination and go to wonderful adventures, challenges and whatever more there is inside a computer game and that in the end will give a sense of fulfillment that you actually did something with your time.

A video game is a dream, it always is and always will be a way to tap into our minds and dive into a wonderful adventure;

Battle some monster

Drive a car

Fly a spaceship

Play soccer

Do anything you can or want really

And that is what a game is all about… a dream come true =)

But please..try to make it 50/50 =P a game is a game, and we like to play, but all play and no work keeps the money no go =P

Lineage II

Lineage II is an online multi player online computer game ( MMO ) as they call it.

For me it was at one time a way of life.



People play online gaming for a reason, it gives purpose. This game gave my life purpose for a time and I’m forever in its debt for giving me such happy times.

I started playing L2 back in 2009, just started university and had no freaking idea what to do, what to study and where to turn to.

A big friend of mine introduced me to the game, he hated it by the way, but we started to love it and played more and more and more.

My rates and classes went down a bit, I wont say they didn’t but at the end of the day i have to admit if i could go back i would not do it any other way.

Lineage 2 helped me define the person I am today, all the people that are there and play it, all the funny stories, all the couples that play it ( yes there are couples that play this, i met entire families that play this game).

All and i mean All have fun, it doesn’t matter the race, the skin tone, where you are from what matters is that you play good and that you have fun while doing it.

What most got to me in L2 was also the idea, it is a wonderful idea to be inside a world that you can  explore and change by your own hand and with the help of others and that right there is a proof that you can mean something and make a difference; that right there is a proof to a lot of people that being there and helping your friends, even if you don’t know them in real life, can make a difference.

And making a difference is sometimes all we are waiting for and longing for in our life.

I’m a player of lineage 2

I will be one, and I will die one;

=)  Did you ever make a change  or a difference in anyone’s life ?


4 thoughts on “~ Chronicles of a gamer~ Lineage II

  1. Greetings, fellow gamer! The hubby and I both have been hardcore gamers since…forever. We’ve played almost every mmo out there, and have no intention of stopping, regardless of how old we get. Nice character pic! 🙂

  2. Being a fellow friend of David and a previous player of Lineage II, I feel the need to leave some words behind also. Playing Lineage II was an adventure, was like reading a book but being part of every page on it. Like making a journey to a diferent country, but to choose our own destiny and destination, to pick up the landscape itself. It was exactly like “in the movies”: magical

    Playing a MMORPG is never the same thing as playing a soccer or a car game, even if the last are online, A game stands a game: starts, goes on and eventually ends. The people on it, the fellow mates with whom we learn to share a little bit of virtual realitiy, those good and few fellas make the whole difference on any online game, specially on MMORPG.

    Lineage II was not a game for me, Lineage II was a way to define myself as I am today, to challenge more than just bots or environment monsters. Was a way to challenge and build something from scratch, It was a way to prove myself, to lead and conquer, to learn and learn some more. To know diferent cultures, diferent languages, diferent people.

    Lineage II was and is a big and importante step in my life. If i could go back, I would’ve played some more 😉

    Regards David

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