~Chronicles of a gamer~ Mage Robes

For all those that gave a like and commented on my first C. of a G. a big, big Thank you =)

This is the second post of this type and I hope it does as good as the previous one.

For all the gamers male and female. a big, big question.

Not in power, but in fashion,

Which do you like more? =)


Shot00000 Shot00001

C grade

Shot00003 Shot00004

B grade

Shot00005 Shot00006

A grade

Shot00010 Shot00009 Shot00011 Shot00012

S grade

Shot00013 Shot00014 Shot00017 Shot00018

Over S grade

Shot00022 Shot00023 Shot00024 Shot00025

Remember please

This is about looks =p

Not power

^^ Best Regards



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