~ Jinx~ Sexuality ~ Size doesnt matter~ Confidence~

I know that’s a long tittle but bear with me =P

I am a not so pro league of legends gamer ^^ like most i play for fun, even though i know that there are people who make their living out of playing computer games, good luck to all.

The first part of this blog post is about Jinx, the newest champion of LoL.

league_of_legends_music__get_jinxed_59_by_xxxaimanexxx-d6ptmoh lol-jinx-revelada-pn-img1

Personally, for me Jinx stands for something quite interesting, a chance for being something or someone and not mind what people think of you.

If you read her ” lore ” ( her story ) it says:

Jinx lives to wreak havoc without a thought for consequence, leaving a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake.

Plus some of her lines go on the lines of :

I’m crazy! Got a doctor’s note.

I don’t even think once about blowing stuff up!

Ask me if I’m listening! Hint: I’m not!

No, im not stand up for chaos and destruction =P i just have a soft spot for the character, she has personality =P

Now what does this intro have to do with the tittle?

I’m glad you asked 😛

If you are a player of LoL you know that most ” female ” characters in this game have a —- suggestive size —– in the chest area.

beauty-sexy-fantastic-fantasy-girls-gt-best-league-of-legends-hd-278769 tumblr_mvhpv79wWn1s0adc8o1_500 video games league of legends artwork characters fox girls ahri_wallpaperswa.com_42

All this pictures are in the game.

Now, in comparison, jinx is one of the few characters that really is not like that, and i have to say i agree with that.

As a starter it kinda got me off by surprise that most females were like that so i was happy that the programers thought about the female population while making jinx in one way or another.

What do i mean by this?

In case you don’t know there are a lot and i mean a lot of female gamers some are really hardcore gamers and they will kick your ass ( pardon my french )

images the-best-gamers-go-competitive

And all those females have a mind, opinions, securities and insecurities, pictures you are a — not so like Kat or Sonna — or any other blessed female character and you see that people talk about them especially because of that.

If i was a girl, i would feel quite crappy, same thing for the guys in other areas, guys know what im talking about, no need to explain.

Now,  i believe these gamers can see in jinx a character that deviated from that ideal of character and tried to adopt another version, another idea.

Lets be honest.

What is being discussed here :

Small vs Big.


Girls that are on the big size will not tell you this, but its the truth:


Its true that this is not general but yes a lot of people that have B.B. have back problems.

So next time do think about this.

And for the people on the small size

what they wont tell you :


Size in girls case also matter and it can really get them to have a depression over it if they are not strong enough, mentally to fight it.

Bottom down line.

Size is a problem for people, here is my answer =)


Its how you are that counts =)

So no matter how you are, who you are, girls, have confidence, because for a guy, speaking as the guy that i am, its all about the confidence =P

Nothing more.

The world is bad enough ^ ^ lets give it a good touch, there are enough people trying to destroy it as it is.

And when people tell you something to make you feel small =)



best regards,

Have a nice day =)

6 thoughts on “~ Jinx~ Sexuality ~ Size doesnt matter~ Confidence~

  1. I really liked how you talked about a very serious matter in a funny way!! It’s true, when you have big boobs your back will hurt (I know!!!) and I feel every girl/woman is beautiful no matter what size she is or cup she wears!!! More guys should talk about this so girls would stop thinking every guy just cares about their assets size!!!

  2. Thx for the like on the smarts and self-esteem post. You’re having fun here. Wondering what prompted this post he he. Btw, the Da Vinci post….gee wiz! How about riding on the coattails of this post of yours and talking about some SmArT women? LOL

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