~ Thursday anime~ Kill La Kill~



Recently i’ve been blessed with this anime and with the fun it has been giving to my life, the story revolves around a young girl called Matoi Ryuuko tries to fight an entire school and get information about her father’s murderer.

For that she counts on a possessed school uniform that joins with her and forms a bond. They go on in amazing action battle scenes but that is just the tip of the iceberg =P

But this character also won my hearth in the anime, Mako, a young girl thats always by Matoi’s side and helps her in a funny way.

She is the comic part of the anime and i have to say she does her job wonderfully



But i dont want to spoil the anime for you, i can only say that after seeing episode 5, where a piece of clothes and a girl have character development everything else is just not worth the comment.

=) hope you have fun watching.

Please comment on your thoughts and opinions.

Have fun ^^


P.s : if i have something to ask… please watch episode 5 …. everyone that loves clothes should watch that =)


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