~First Request~ Smart Women~

Well this is an honor, to think that i would ever get a request to write a blog post…

the pressure


But lets hope everything goes according to plan, it never does let that be a lesson to you, plans never go according to plan. All you can do is that they go the best they can go. =P life always finds a way to make things interesting.

Now….  Smart women… hmmmm…. i would go with something like..


Smart doesnt mean education and education doesnt mean smart.

( and when i was thinking of going foward with this line of thought i was like… )


No no no, this is not right, im just writing what someone else wrote, no no no.

What makes a smart women smart?

I have absolutly no freaking idea, education, culture, a good sense of humor maybe?

To me, personally its best if you are a good person after that educated and after that smart, lets be honest here, do you think you would like someone who was just smart?

nah, you wouldnt, every human characteristic has a bad side, smart is no exception, if you are smart you can become too smart and that will make you dumb =P.

Smart women, Smart men,

Be proud, to all those that are alive, you are alive =)

( before i shut down this post i saw this )


( picture looks at me and says: you could do better )

True, i can do much better, but i wont, life and all prespectives of it are subjective so is my mind and my person.

All i ask is dont fall into stereotypes, no one is better than anyone, and all those that think that… well… maybe all the people that are around you and either get mad or leave are not so wrong.

Dont let smart make you dumb use your smart to be better and keep getting better everyday, that is my wish, never stop, always fight to be more,  =) good luck




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