~ Fairy oak~ Amazing.. just… Amazing..~

For a long time i’ve searched for something to hold on, i believe we should never let go of that little spark that makes us a bit of a dreamer, a bit of a child a bit of a better human being that believes that the impossible its still possible =)



So i’ve searched and after a little adventure i’ve  literally hit this little thing

Fairy Oak sovraccoperta


And i was like… meh.. shouldnt be much… no…. after finishing the first book i was like



So… in my mind… i have to read the rest…

Second book



At first i was like….

noy bad

( not bad )…..

By the end of it… oh my ….



And i .. just had to get the third one…

fairy oak III


by the end of the three books


the only thing i have to say



I dont think i’ve ever used amazing so many times in one post but i tell you guys it’s that good =) a simply pure and nice trilogy of books that will keep you and guide you to a wonderful reading time.

Anyone out there ever read these books?

What do you think about them?

Can you share your experience ?

=) have a fun time reading ^^



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