~ New series ~ New points~

Usually I’m not one to talk a lot in my posts, i think all that follow me know that, but for some reason, my horizons are expanding a bit and in spite of not being an active member of society I’m getting to know more and more about people, their pain, their dreams and above all their hopes.

I do believe and hope everyone I know and all i don’t know ( we are like 8 billions at the moment, are we not ) may live a long and happy life, and i guess, no life is happy if we dont laugh a bit.

I’m not a man that can smile easy or laugh, i take such occasions very seriously, when I smile or laugh I’m truly happy. As such I would like to share with you guys some series that made me laugh and I hope they can make you laugh as well.


Search for them, if you don’t know where to get them, I’ll give you clues =P

Have a good day and a great week






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