~ What kind of bored are you ? ~ hmmmm~

Personally i find this quite interesting =)

I hope you do too =)

There are a lot of different ways to be bored, and from the looks of it, these ways can go from:


Indifferent boredom (characterized by feeling relaxed and indifferent – typical coach potato boredom);


Calibrating boredom (characterized by feeling uncertain but also receptive to change/distraction);


Searching boredom (characterized by feeling restless and actively searching for change/distraction);


Reactant boredom (characterized by feeling reactive, such as someone bored out of her mind storming out of a movie theater to find something better to do).


Apathetic boredom–and it’s the most troublesome of all. People exhibiting apathetic boredom are withdrawn, avoid social contact, and are most likely to suffer from depression. In fact, apathetic boredom could be considered a portal leading to depression.

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have a good day ^^


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