~Books. ~ 10 books that changed me~

As the tittle says this post will be about books that changed me in a way and that to this day keep a special place inside of my hearth.

=P so let’s get started.

Fortune’s Rocks : A wonderful romantic / tragic tale of a girl and a forbidden love, really gives you a lot of insight in some very controversial issues about love and society, one of the first books that I can remember reading and that till today still manages to make me think of seaside and love. ^^


Sun Signs : I know a lot of people don’t believe in sun signs but this book really captures what people in their essence are and to know more about one self and about others is never a bad thing.


I Shall Wear Midnight : My first book by Sir. T.P, this book started my collection of T.P and i have to say that, till now, its been a wonderful journey. If you don’t know T.P you really should give it a try. Discworld awaits you.


Les Misérables : One of the few books that in my entire life actually managed to make me shed a tear or two. Wonderful, Wonderful book.


Mr.Y : This book is a love / hate one. You either hate it or you love it, it’s up to you, but the story is so interesting that the book will keep you reading till the end.


Graveyard book : Just, beautiful. If you like the Jungle Book you will love this one.


Shadow : A really, really interesting story. Mr. Zafón  really knows how to tell a story. If you don’t know it =) go check it out ^^


Inferno: My first book by Dan B. and I have to say i really enjoyed it, I’m also a big fan of the story Inferno ( the divine comedy… you know.. ) anyway =) great book ^^

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Gargoyle : Love Love Tragic Love Death : good stuff here =P

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Historian : A really good vampire book. THIS at least gets you a lot of content about the origins of vampires and Vlad Tepes. If you enjoy vampires you must read this.


Hope you enjoyed this list.

Care to share some books =)

I always like to have new stories to read ^^

Have a good day ^^

~ frozen pics~ =)

I guess it’s safe to say that Disney’s Frozen is an awesome movie =)

Who says otherwise, I respect it, but I don’t understand why you say that.

Regardless =) I would like to leave you with a couple of funny pictures  =)









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Have a good day ^^