~ Posts to write about~

Since i asked but i got no replies i will do a challenge for myself =P




how about these topics ?


  • What you are passionate about. Whether it’s gardening, music, or math everyone is passionate about something.


  • Food. Everyone eats and everyone has a favorite food, so why not write about it.


  • Topics you disagree on. Have an opinion? Make it heard and write about it.


  • Pop culture. Whether you follow the latest reality show or not there’s got to be something about pop culture that either engages you or disgusts you.


  • Animals. Cute and cuddly or smelly and annoying, animals are here to stay so why not write about them.


  • Morals. What makes right from wrong? Get your ideas out there!


  • Types of art. Street art, graffiti, and the greats what kind of art inspires you?


  • Foreign countries. Do you want to visit anywhere specific?


  • Being healthy. Everyone is either dieting or trying to lose weight or be healthier.


  • Sleep. Sleep issues and tips are some of the most common conversation topics.


  • Crafts. Be creative! A Popsicle stick a button, what can you make with it?


  • Going green. Hybrid cars and reusable bottles are all the rage these days.


  • Safety tips. People always seem to have little tricks to not get sick or to shorten colds.


  • Music. People love trying new types of music.


  • Positivity. Self help and affirmations are very healthy things to write about.


  • Clothing. Have a unique sense of style?


  • Politics. Republican, democrat or third party? Write about why you think one is the best option.


  • Movies. Have you seen any good ones lately, or any terrible one? Write about it!


  • Books. Couldn’t put it down or couldn’t stay awake, books are always good to write about.


  • Reviews. Writing reviews can help people find things easier or know what to avoid. Writing reviews is always helpful.


  • The economy. With the economy the way it is it’s hard to not think about it. Why not write about it.


  • Games. If you know a good card game, or if you invented a new craze you should write about it.


  • Books. If you have a favourite book why not write about it?


  • Travel. People want to hear about far off places, and home to you may be far off to someone else.


  • The occult. Witches, ghouls and demons are fascinating to everyone.

I leave you this challenge too =)

How many of these can you talk about? =)

I will start soon to post these topics =)

have a good day ^^



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