~ What you are passionate about. Whether it’s gardening, music, or math everyone is passionate about something.~

well… hmmm.. i know what i am passionate about but its kinda of a double edged sword. It lets me get insight on people but doesn’t let people get insight on me xD.

I find people my greatest passion, people are like puzzles in a way. Everyone is different even if we all try to be normal in a way, everyone is different.

images (1)

The human mind, dreams, hopes, passions, fears, all that makes a person a person that’s what i am passionate to find out.

I read a lot about body language and my life has allowed me to spend a lot of times putting that knowledge to good use.


People are fascinating if you really try to meet them and get them to talk to you. Just wish, all you guys that are reading this, please remember. we are kinda like 8 billion and increasing in numbers… so… when you say everyone is boring doesn’t that mean you are bored ? and need to talk to different people in order to get your gears back in place.

Talk about something you really like with your friends but if they don’t like that.. its ok.. just talk about that with someone else, find someone else to talk to, above all remember that you are a person with ideas and values, respect and remember them, we all have a voice.

Use that voice about the things you are passionate =).

Have a good day ^ ^


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