~ Short Story Time~ By me~

A tale of light

A short life is no different than a long life.

The difference is in the way we live it.

I watched a tale unfold right before my own eyes once. Here I will tell you how it all went out. Listen carefully. Don’t want you missing on any detail. Don’t blame me: this is how I came to know this tale of one young man and of a beautiful lady called Ms. Light.

A young man was visiting a friend once; his friend lived high up in the mountains. It was cold, but sunny in that afternoon, as it was December. Christmas was nearby, and it was a good time for a miracle to come and pass by. Our young man was kind, smart and had a lot of imagination, but not many friends. He longed for the right person to come and fill his void, since life had not been kind to him. But we’ll get to that in a second. His chance was coming even if he didn’t see it, or even if he may never come to know it.

Our young man’s friend lived with his wife up in the mountains, and our young man was going to stay over for a night. He needed to get some things of his mind, life hadn’t been easy and his parents had died recently, though his work life wasn’t bad, he wasn’t ok. Surely an afternoon and a good night’s sleep with friends near him would help.

When our friend got there, he was greeted by the master of the house and his wife, a fine couple that were trying their best to live happily in this rough world.

The house was a fine example of what a house was supposed to be but with one difference.

“What was the difference?”

“Now, that is an interesting question, and to know that we have to know the story of our young girl that was there watching the couple and the young man.”

“Miss Light?”

“Miss Light.”

Miss Light was born in that house and soon had become a fine example of what a young lady should be. She was kind, sharing and always willing to give her light and warmth to everyone in the house. She was quiet – not that she didn’t have anything to say, girls always do and that’s why we love them – but she couldn’t talk. So, she loved that family in silence, an unrequited love you might say.

Once she saw our young man she felt her center burning up stronger. What was this strange creature that came inside the house? Where did he come from? Why did she have to stand next to him greeting the master of the house and his wife?

She watched the couple greeting the young man while he was making his way in. He took a seat next to her, while our young man and the couple talked. She got to know his story and how tragic his days were, she felt sorry for him, she tried not to look but, from the corner of her eye, she could see him. She saw all that he was and all that he would become, a fine man with a good future, but that future was a future where she couldn’t be in.

It hit her harder than she had wanted, he couldn’t listen to her or see her, and that broke her inside for he would be, just like all the others, one who she would give all she had and never did ask or get anything in return.

She tried to let it go. After all, life was kind to her, a good house, a family to look after, but life is but a quick journey and she felt the hours passing by, they felt like years.

She was dying…


That evening, once everyone was in bed, Miss Light was still up, but feeling weak, very weak…

Something was wrong…

She wished someone was there for her final hour, but who would be? Who would listen and see her in her final moments? She didn’t hear the young man sitting beside her, looking at her. She quickly tried to make herself more presentable, but he didn’t care how she looked, he just stared at her and, for one brief moment, they both shared warmth.

Our Miss was happier than she had ever been, but that moment was running out – they didn’t have much more but the time that they shared together was enough to fill a lifetime.

Our young man looked at her one final time before the end.

That ending came with their farewell kiss, a kiss that would forever bond them in that moment, that erased the light from Miss Light, remaining only the candle, where the flame of Miss Light had been.


The End



( this drawing was made by a friend of mine called Catarina, its amazing and no one say otherwise =P a big thank you to you ^^ )


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