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I’ve seen a couple of things about this so i decided to talk about it, please give this post a chance and see if you agree or not.

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I’ve been  in wordpress for about a year, it’s been an incredible journey, and I never thought I would get the number of views that i have right now,  1700+. However, I do have to point out something that has been on my mind for a while.




I’m not sure how you are in your blog, or but I’ve seen something on reader and I feel that on my blog, the  lack of likes and comments.

If you like something, I guess the good thing to do would be to tell that person:

” Ey, you did a good job” ,

” that post made me laugh or made my day”

I don’t know, but people just see and don’t say anything.

Why? I’ve realized this for a while and I’m trying to change myself, I’m telling people that i like their content. If you like the content of something please tell that person so.  Oh, but please don’t go around making people feeling miserable, there are a lot of people out there that enjoy putting people down. Not kidding on this, just as an example, how would you feel if someone that you don’t know comes and gives you a hard time about something that you actually put a lot of hard work on it. Would that make you feel like doing that thing?

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Hell no !

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I can’t even begin to   understand the level  of people that live from blogging, because there are people that do live from this. Think for a second, wouldn’t getting a good comment be good ?

I leave this for you guys to think about.

If you like, comment, and share it. The blogger will be so grateful to you. The comments are, basically, what keeps one go. They are the review of one’s work of how well you are doing or not. And if not,

”  I don’t agree with you but keep it up, you’ve put a lot of work on this”.

So… LIKE AND COMMENT GUYS AND GALS let’s show people that we like and enjoy their work.

Have a good day.




3 thoughts on “~ Likes~ Comments~ Posting~ Blog Life~

  1. I might be distracted about your blog, but i believe that you must do what completes you 😉 Even if it has a lack of comments, those who know very well you and appreciate your work, support entirely everything around here 😉 So, continue to do it my friend 😉

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