~ Teddy bears and cereal bars~

If you are asking what these two things have in common i have no idea.

I was just eating a cereal bar and i thought about teddy bears.

For those that don’t know I’m very picky with my food.

But I’ve tried to take a leap of faith and start trying out new foods.

Cereal bars are nice.

They are practical and they help you fill the whole that sometimes hits your stomach.

One that i will say it’s quite nice but hard to get its the :


Its consistent, you can always feel the yummy factor and that’s the most important thing when you are eating something sweet is it not?


Now, i guess my mind went from yummy and sweet to sweet and comfy and i will take the opportunity to talk about teddy bears.


Did you know teddy bears were invented in the 20th century and really got famous thanks to the president Roosevelt when he refused to shoot a black bear. The act was so famous that nowadays we give teddy bears to adults and children  and the giving of such item to children or even adults symbolize love, affection and care for the person your are giving it to.

yeah, it’s a nice thing to give to someone ^^