~ Clever bot wins ~


I sell stuff. ( me )
What kind of shoes? ( bot)
You’ve been drinking again, right ? 
I see you, you are not fooling anyone.  
Neither are you. You are not a computer


No, I am not a computer, are you a computer ?
I am not a computer either. If you are not a computer, what are you?

* Respect *



~ Work place ~ Pena ~

Considering i have a bit of time to work while I’m at work i  would like to take the time to give you guys a view of the place where i work, i know I’m just selling tickets here but this place is really worth visiting.

I live in Portugal if you are wondering and work in a place called Pena Palace, it’s in Sintra.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell i will give you a few pictures to sparkle your attention =P

^^ hope you all have a wonderful day ^^

Pena_National_Palace pena-park-sintra-700x325 pq-pena-sintra

and sometimes you get to see this little guy =P