~ update ~

For everyone who knows this blog, you know that i don’t write a lot, it’s not in my nature to express my feelings in writing to the world, I just like to do so in the privacy of being surrounded by a lot of people, and that’s almost the same thing… is it not?

I don’t know…

Moving on… 16500 views, i have to say i never expected something like this to happen, that out of something so small people would actually take the time to drop by and visit.

I am sorry that i’ve been a bit busy.

Life has a way to keep us away from things and people we care about. One must work or he wont be able to survive, i hope you understand.

Regardless i hope everyone that visits this place can at least have a moment of interest, a smile or even a laugh ^^ that would make my day.

I hope you all have a good day and a good weekend.

Leave your ideas, comments, and a hi would be nice.



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