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~ Book Reviews~ Could be interesting~ Let’s go~ Fortune Rocks~

“In the summer of 1899, Olympia Biddeford, a privileged, intelligent and confident 15 year old who is vacationing with her family at Fortune’s Rocks, falls in love with a married 41-year-old doctor and journalist, John Haskell.”

This will do very well as an introduction, for all you readers out there.

A passionate love between a young girl and a married man who will no doubt end in tragedy or by any chance will fate turn things in favor of the young Olympia?

Personally this was one of the very first international books i had the pleasure of reading. Olympia stroke me as someone far beyond her 15 years of age and Haskell as a passionate doctor for his job and his family.

Their romance starts off like any other, by chance, and it leads into something very controversial that leads the reader into wondering what would be our reaction in that situation, time and time again you wonder how the characters feel and not just the main characters, Olympia’s family and Haskell’s family are very affected by the events that take place in the book what leaves us to wonder…

One of my favorite books and i would advise everyone to give it a chance.

If you did read this book, what is your opinion about it ?

Have a good day ^^