~ Earth to Echo ~ Review ~


This is the kind of movie you will have to watch with someone special by your side and i will explain why.

Ever wondered that you don’t belong somewhere or that people just leave you and that nothing makes sense? This movie is for you, the amount of FEELS that were used for this one was HUGE but the ending result was amazing and by the end you will have a smile on your face.

If i could compare it with something i would say this movie is a combination of  3 movies :

E.T. the extra- Terrestrial ( 1982 ) if you have never seen that don’t even talk to me you are sleeping under a rock and you should be exiled to the darkest place anyone can think of. That is a Classic with a capital C and you should go watch it… did you ? good. * phew * one more soul saved.

Wall-e  ( 2008 ) A wonderful movie made by Pixar that is a “living” prof that someone can make an amazing movie without dialog, because for the greatest part of the movie they just don’t talk, they don’t need it.

and a spice of

Transformers ( yup, that Transformers ) I’m not gonna spoil this part for you guys =) just watch it.

I will say one thing, the movie takes a bit to start, i mean, it’s natural you need to get to know the main characters but they take a bit to actually start the movie but after it starts.. oh boy…

=) A movie for the family

A movie for you

A movie for me

“” Having a friend light years away taught us that distance is just a state of mind. “”