Far Cry 5: Review


For all that have followed me through the years you know that I like to get to the point, therefore, good points, bad points, overall score, that for me is a good review:

Good Points

  • Map: Amazing colors, the terrain, water, everything that surrounds us is quite beautiful.
  • The Music : A true masterpiece of soundtrack, honestly it’s so calming and suits the game so well.
  • The customization: You have around 50 weapons in this game, plus all the customization that you can do with them is amazing, the bad part is that you will need to grind a lot to get EVERYTHING, but overall you have a lot to choose from which, in my opinion is a good thing.
  • The first ” secret ending ” : I loved it, every single piece of those 5-10 minutes. A true tribute to Pagan Min from Far Cry 4 where he asks the player to sit down and wait.
  • The overall fun: You actually have a lot of freedom to do whatever you want: From just walking around, doing the main story, hunting, fishing, flying around sightseeing, hunting treasure, there is a lot to do.
  • The villains: Incredibly well done.

The Bad Points

  • The enemies: Overall they are quite stupid and spawn in very awkward positions, you can be walking around and out of nowhere you are attacked by someone, somewhere that can see you from the other side of the map.
  • The character Hp: It’s annoying how easy is for one to die in this game, don’t take this the wrong way, i like hard games but when you are fighting one of the bosses or a really amazing cut scene or portion of the story is playing and you are really into the story and just wanna see what happens next, dying really cuts and pulls you from the experience, i experienced this in the last part of the game and made the ending all that less exciting for me.
  • The animals: do a lot of damage, and are super annoying to deal with, especially in one of the bosses i hated, hated the wolves. they attack you out of nowhere.
  • The endings: if you take the secret ending out, for me there is no ” good ” ending. Both endings that you get in this game are very unsatisfying.


I really enjoyed this game but the ending really annoyed me for it brings no conclusion or a nice ribbon to the story, the secret ending was amazing though.

If you have the money it really is a must buy.

Overall –  8.5-10


~ Far Cry 4 ~ Picture and Review of the game ~

far saaf


Well, as the tittle says i have indeed completed Far Cry 4.

Positive :

*The environment was amazing, the whole atmosphere of the Himalayas was absolutely stunning.

* The wildlife, every single animal was believable and made you think that you were in the savanna or something, the most impressive ones for me, personally, were the elephants.

* Also have to mention the water and the fire, for those who don’t know, water and fire effects are extremely hard to make and we must give the team of F.C.4 for their amazing work once again in creating these amazing visuals.

* The arsenal was vast and incredible, made you feel like Rambo at some times. It made the game a bit too easy if you push enough but all in all a good shoot experience.

Negative : ( there will be spoilers ) :

* The story line, for the mother of heaven if you make a character so charismatic like Pagan Ming and you end up with that ending of either him leaving and being alive or you shooting him that’s just evil. I thought i would be ok with the ” good ending ” and i was until I learned that there is a 3rd ending that you can access if you do a certain thing, and as i was watching it made so much sense that i was… What the hell are you waiting for to make an expansion or something where we, as the player, can dive into this world with Pagan by our side.

Come on, you have to give respect to a guy that on the verge of dying or not dying talks to the character that is about to shot him or not shot him and asks him to sit down, have a meal and enjoy himself while they talk to one another. From my part respect for Pagan, yes he is a tyrant and he rules the country with an iron fist but we as the player don’t see that until later on in the game, so to us he never did anything wrong except, like he says, taking us out of the bus and wanting to give us the country, as he says it’s ours in the first place.

One last point, if you really think of it, Pagan and the Golden Path are not really that different from one another… Just think about that.

* The easy factor, the game is easy, if you don’t take into account the boss battles you just need a heavy machine gun, a couple of grenades and a rocket launcher and nothing stands in your way.

* Regarding the easy factor, why are people making games so darn easy now a days, like to beat a game in the old days you needed to be someone special, i don’t think this generation would last trying to finish Sonic or Mario or even the old PlayStation games, like learn that stuff in life is hard and that you need stuff to be hard if you wanna develop as a person.

Final Score:

If i have to rate this, a solid 8.5 out of ten. A very enjoyable gaming experience that will keep you playing for at least 20h.

^^~ have a good day